Tired of the Phoney Debate?

CHARLIE HEBDO: “Racist!” or “Not Racist!”? I’m tiring of the so-called debate. I learned long ago from the civil rights/anti-racism and feminist consciousness-raising groups I attended, that if victims of racism or misogyny say I’m guilty, then I probably am, and I should sharpen my perceptions and clean up my act. Charlie Hebdo’s humour/satire was sufficiently ambiguous (to some) to provoke feelings of victimization in the already-victimized. So, despite what some claim was the “leftist” sympathy of Charlie Hebdo, my notion of leftist political activity doesn’t allow for the ambiguity (at best) exemplified by their cartoons. Our mission as leftists is political clarity and human liberation, not frat-boy nihilist humour – it’s not what socialists do. In the end, the whole affair has done nothing but strengthen the ruling class’s hypocritical pretensions as supporters of freedom of speech, while triggering further repressive laws. Let the pundits babble on with their noble declarations. I’ve stopped listening.

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